Previous entertainers include:

cheyenne Cheyenne: Extraordinary talent Cheyenne Skyla Martinez, age 14, is from South Bay San Diego.  This young talented musician has a very unique and distinctive sound.   The development of her unique style is the result of her exposure to a wealth of music form a young age.  At the age of five she made her singing debut when she sang Think of Me from the Phantom of the Opera at a local talent showcase.  At age eleven she taught herself to play the guitar and has been both singing and playing ever since.  Over the past couple years Cheyenne’s musical abilities have shocked people everywhere she performs.  She has won local talent competitions as well as played at weddings, school events and showcases.  She has also performed in Hollywood for the executive producers of America’s Got Talent and recently played at the San Diego House of Blues.  Cheyenne’s talent has been described by professionals as both “moving” and “humbling.”
japanese School The San Diego Japanese School: We come from the San Diego Japanese School and Morse High School. We are part of a club, “Ichiban,” Meaning number one in Japanese and we perform the dance Soran Bushi AKA the Fisherman Dance. We’ve performed at the San Diego Buddhist Temple, The USS Midway (as seen in the picture), and many other areas known to San Diego.
white dragon White Dragon Martial Arts: The White Dragon Lion Dance team is one of the oldest and largest professional Lion Dance groups in San Diego County. We stand apart from other teams because of our unique ability to customize performances for our clients. We specialize in weddings and business grand openings and are also a favorite at cultural events, private parties, and school functions. The team trains year round and is always ready to add another lion dance to their schedule.
dustin Donovan Dustin: Donovan Dustin is 13 years old and a freshman at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. He’s also a singer, entertainer, and an actor appearing in TV shows, films and commercials. You may remember him as portraying a Young Simon Cowell in the 2007 American Idol Promo Commercial. Most recently he wowed the audience at the America’s Got Talent Live auditions at the Pantages theatre in Los Angeles. You may want to check out his YouTube Channel (Donovan Dustin) to see the reaction he receives after being handed a microphone by the host of the show.
katriz Katriz Trinidad: Katriz Trinidad  is a 14-year-old from Chula Vista, CA.   She will be a freshman this coming year at Otay Ranch High School.  Katriz started singing when she was five. She joined and won several singing competitions and these awards give her inspiration to do her best while having fun. She has participated in the Broadway Theater Arts Academy since she was seven and joined shows such as “Once in an Island” and “The Sound of Music.” With her love and talent for singing, she has been invited to perform in concerts, benefit shows, school functions, events, fairs and as a judge in a singing contest. She sung U.S and Philippine national anthems in several events such as seminars, conventions, fairs and sporting events. You can view her YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/katriztrinidad and like her Facebook page.
The San Diego Legendary Lion Dance Association: We are the San Diego Legendary Lion Dance Association. A non-profit organization based here in San Diego, CA and has been around since 2000. Our team is very diverse. We have Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, Mexican, Caucasian, and African American members. We will continue that tradition as we accept any race, religion, or beliefs. As a lion dance team, we spend a lot of time with one another. Not only do we practice with each other twice a week, we are also one big family. My main goal is for our members to have fun, while learning to become a leader, a person who you would like to look up to. I am proud of my team, as they put in hard work and effort to get to where they are today. Our members are very disciplined and are ready to put on a great performance
Hung Vuong Sport Club: Established 1997, Hung Vuong Sports Club is a non-profit organization that provides athletic, educational, recreational, and martial arts opportunities for the youths and adults in San Diego. It consists of four components:• Bach Van Kung Fu
• Bach Van Dragon/Lion Dance Team
• Hung Vuong Soccer Team
• Hung Vuong Educational Center
Jason Diego: Jason Diego is an alternative/rock-pop, singer-songwriter. He started his professional music career in August 2012. He has released two singles accompanied by music videos, “Lovin” (September 2012) and “Save Face” produced by Speeshbeats (April 2013). Jason Diego is a first generation Filipino-American, born in Los Angeles and raised in Pomona, CA. Since the age of three, his mother and father had heavily influenced his music.
Gus Mezza: “Hi, my name is Gus Mezza. I was born in Durango, Mexico and immigrated to the United States when I was 8 years old. I’ve lived most of my life in San Diego, California. I learned to play the guitar & sing when I was 14 years old. As long as I can remember music has always been my passion. I am now a professional entertainer who looks forward each day to do what I do best- bring a little cheer, happiness and some good memories through the medium of music.”
Ivan Cheong: Hailing from San Diego, CA, Ivan Cheong is an Indie Pop Rocker who is full of wild passion hushed to a whisper. Ivan’s relaxed sound employs elaborate musical lines to compliment genuinely catchy hooks. His songs have often been described as a “quiet roar” with lyrical content compared to the bittersweet, yet compelling, songs of Connor Oberst of Bright Eyes. His influences include Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, and Coldplay, but his true talent lies with his ability to take elements of these artists and synthesize them into a unique sound that he can call his own.
Hans Oropallo Music
Hans Oropallo: 16 year old Singer, Song Writer and Guitar Player born in the Philippines, raised in San Diego first performed in 2009 and has done so ever since. He writes and performs his own music. He hopes to show people a new sound of music that’s both unique and pleasing. He has played in front of BET producers, the Stages of Hotel Indigo and the House of Blues San Diego and Disneyland just to name a few. He performs for Charities and Festivals all over Southern Calif.
Cole Bonner Purdy: 12 Year old Drummer has played in a few bands in San Diego before winning the spot of Drummer for the Adolescence Band next to Hans. Since then Cole and Hans ventured off on their own to entertain their fans. Cole is an Amazing Drummer going into the 8th grade this fall and is an excellent student who loves to skateboard.
Both Cole and Hans were featured on the KUSI Good Morning Show for the Rhythm and Youth concert Series at the Westfield Malls. Check them out at www.youtube.com/soropallo and like them at www.facebook.com/hansoropallomusic
Autumn Drift
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